About Us

Compliant Global Solutions roots started in the UK in 1997. Building software for the Insurance and Financial industries, the company quickly evolved into developing web-based applications as early as 2000. The company is now based on the East Coast, USA with activities in the UK and the Middle East.


As adoption of web-based data increased building custom applications with the same functionality, security and stack was not cost effective and became repetitive.

WADE was created in 2005 to reduce these issues and create a framework providing all these common features out of the box. With data design, entry, reporting and manipulation, applications could be built with ease and allow clients access to data from anywhere in the world. After going through several iterations, it was decided in 2021 that a new from the ground version would be built using the most recent capabilities tech has to offer, WADE4.

News of the progress will be released regularly HERE.

Management Services

Alongside the development of applications, the same clients asked us to supply a managed IT service on an as and when basis, alleviating the need for them to employ a full-time manager. Targeted at Small to Medium size Businesses, this service has been offered since 1999. Moving on from the days of on-site servers, we are now focused on managing client AWS, Azure and Microsoft 365 installations.

This has led to an increase in on-site backup solutions where clients are nervous about having all their data in the cloud and not instantly available to them.

Over the next quarter we will be offering an off-the-shelf set of solutions to meet this need.

Jonathan Wright