IT Management

We will act as your IT Department alleviating the need for you to employ a full time manager.

IT Management​

Your company undoubtedly has many computers, mobile phones and electronic items that can access your data, control your services, and allow employees to work remotely.

Depending on the size of your company you may not have the need for a full-time employee to manage and control this infrastructure. Someone must do this and invariably in the case of a company with 2-20 employees this would be an addition to a normal business role.

With common cloud-based services such as Google Workspace or Windows 365 its now possible for your IT Manager activities to be done remotely by an offsite IT Manager.

At CG our engineers can set up or take over the existing infrastructure and then work with key people in your organization to maintain it on an ongoing basis. With flexible subscription plans going from Monthly to On-Demand we can ensure your budget needs are met whilst always keeping your infrastructure secure and available.

CG values its clients by providing the following services:

User Management:

CG offers effective management of people in your company and their accounts. User management provides access to IT services like systems, networks, storage systems, Saas Services etc. Our excellent team manages resources and access based on the need of our clients. This results in improving frictionless experience for the end user and enhancing the overall user experience.CG provides user management services which enables organizations to properly maintain their user based license compliancy. It allows users to use software at their full potential. The main focus of our company is saving cost of our clients by listing out the number of activations remaining for a single software and removing the need for repeated purchases.

Communication Management

Communication Management is the key of any business. CG focuses on reaching business target audience; which includes vendors, employees, media groups etc. it deeply maintains all the internal and external communications management which plays an essential role in the overall vitality of business. CG is rapidly shifting on innovations and communication trends to ensure our clients are delivering best to their customers.

Storage Control

According to the latest research, nearly two out of three global businesses are now using cloud storage to manage data. The concept of cloud storage is to store data on remote servers, which can be easily accessed from the Internet or Cloud. CG prevents businesses from getting exposed to risk and falling behind the times:
  • CG eliminates the need for costly infrastructure; it reduces the money your company spends on buying new serves, installing and maintaining them on a daily basis. CG eliminates the need for expensive in house-systems and possibly saving lots of money in the long run.
  • If you are worried about your daily increasing energy bills? Don’t worry CG has got you covered. We can develop you into eco-friendly Company by replacing few physical storage servers with virtual, cloud based- alternatives.
  • Almost 6% companies suffer for more than 2 years by data loss. To protect your company from such disaster CG provides easily accessible cloud storage through which you can access data and documents from anywhere.

Full contracts with NDA

CG deal with its clients through nondisclosure agreement. In this agreement, our business promises to treat specific information as a trade secret and promises not to disclose the secret to others without proper authorization.