Web Application Developer Experience


WADEX (Web Application Development Experience) allows for non-developers to rapidly build data-driven cloud native applications with ease

Simple Application:

Using a no-code principle, by simply defining your data requirements within minutes you will be able to start managing and manipulating your business data. This application will allow you to carry out your simplest yet most common business requirements with the full benefit of access anywhere architecture. Want to go mobile….no problem…. our upcoming mobile offering will tap into your application allowing for instant usage on a mobile or tablet devices.

Intermediate Application

Whether its from scratch or you are expanding on a Simple Application, moving to intermediate gives you more control over your design and capabilities. With the ability to run advanced queries, add your own code into the workflow and provide an enhanced mobile experience, your business will instantly benefit from a powerful yet intuitive developer experience.
Market Place

You won’t always want to build an application from the ground up. Lets say you are a lawyer and want a simple application, with mobile abilities, to track your clients, billing and time. Maybe you don’t have time to build this or want to.  

We have the answer !! 

Visit the WADEX marketplace and you may find an application that has already been built and simply apply it to your account. You will be up and running in minutes, but let’s say you have an additional requirement. You can add that feature when you need at your own leisure without affecting anything you have done in the meantime.